MARIE AND THE ROSE  Under-Bust Corset
MARIE AND THE ROSE  Under-Bust Corset
MARIE AND THE ROSE  Under-Bust Corset
MARIE AND THE ROSE  Under-Bust Corset

MARIE AND THE ROSE Under-Bust Corset

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“ART AND FASHION” collection
•Millennial Marie Under Bust Corset •
For my Love of ART and FASHION especially Rococo art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes
the first of a small capsule collection of corsets and waist clinchers.
Each corset is hand detailed with a unique permanent colored pencil procedure to truly make each piece a one of a kind work of art .
Depiction of Marie-Antoinette with the Rose
By artist Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun painting graces the bodice of this unique piece.. Image printed on front panel is of 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and adds a stylish statement to this Beautiful under bust corset . .
Embellished with Baroque style Brass Filigree frame corner pieces.
MEASUREMENTS: as shown in XXS 22-23

This unique FIORI Under bust corset in “London Grey” cotton fabric is the first of a series of “ART AND FASHION“ Corsets , Under Bust Corsets, Vintage Dresses, Jackest and Handbags coming this fall .This iconic image of the “Queen of Decadence” is the first of this limited edition.

“ Millennial Marie Under Bust Corset “ shown in size: xxs
(also available in Black).
•Vintage Tweed Pinstriped Wiggle dress.
•MIU MIU Marry Jane Patten Leather Shoes.
•FIORI “J’adore Dior” Luxe Hosiery
•FIORI “Marie” Silk Rose Pin/clip

From France emerged a Queen that has been celebrated into the millennial age and Versailles was the ultimate “Bird in a Gilded Cage” Marie Antoinette was the Beautiful bird and that was her existence. She was a girl burdened with luxurious but incredibly limited options. She bedecked herself in the symbols of her own entrapment—was reviled and, eventually, killed for it. She lived a life with the aftermath of an amazing party, we know it was a riot.

She still represents ornately-adorned beauty and lavish, glittering excess.Marie Antoinette was the urtext of the millennial aesthetic, the “ Millennial Marie Under Bust Corset ” represented her young life as sweet and innocent. This’s QUEEN lived life in apocalyptic decadence, an existence of self-conscious luxury is deft, and also rebellious.
She had a retribution for wastefulness and exploitation, This mixed message of wealth and justice, beauty and death rings true today, and so her popularity endures.... and so emerges the ashes

*Spot cleaning Recommend 


“The ART of Dressing”
What She Wore.
Wearing this to the LOUIS VUITTON Exhibit in Beverly Hills.


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