Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Corset Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Corset


To the World of FIORI

From Iconic Metal Corsets and Birdcage Handbags to Crowns and Couture Gowns, FIORI uses the finest materials embellished with unique antique elements to poetically compose one-of-a-kind objects of desire.

"Welcome to the world of FIORI;  where Flowers always bloom."

-Amore, Susan

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Il mio Rinascimento

Jvdas: Il mio Rinascimento is a dazzling testament to the remarkable talent of fashion and art photographer Jvdas Berra. With a decade of experience behind the lens, Berra presents a mesmerizing collection that showcases the convergence of fashion, beauty, and fantasy, resulting in the creation of extraordinary portals to impossible worlds.

Included in this publication is the 2014 collaboration with FIORI Couture. Together they produced "Autumn for the Elephants" a truly spectacular fusion of art, fashion, and photography.

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