La Rosa di GUCCI choker

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The FIORI Garden continues to bloom for 2020 ...
Paying homage to one of my favorite Italian designers GUCCI...

This precious FIORI couture choker was inspired by GUCCI’S signature rose motif from a favorite pair of Marmont Rose shoes and perfume bottle “Moonlight Serenade.”
And this statement pieces is an exception new season accessory...
A delicate mix of hand crafted Ombré Chiffon Rose and rose buds bouquet spread across a velvet and satin base with romantic undertones is from the FIORI Garden collection. Each unique FIORI creation is lovingly hand-made, using a combination of age-old techniques,
staying true to the traditional process of creating “One of a kind objects of desire.”
Like real flowers for our FIORI garden no 2 are ever alike.

Decorated with whimsical array of flowers features a selection of contrasting borders and finished edges in Velvet and satin in array of color choices of Cream, Rose ,Blush,Versailles Blue and Black.

Hand-finished edges.
double ribbon for a comfortable fit.
* One size fits all.