L’ANGELO BLU Birdcage Handbag

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“The blu angel”

FIORI’S iconic Bird cage Handbag embellished with Italian FONTININI figurines that have been in her collection of beautiful objects of desire from Italy for years . Now poetically designed with a charming baroque and rococo style influenced by Giacomo Serpotta (1656–1732) who is widely considered the greatest Sicilian artist of the late baroque and rococo period and Inspired by the trips she has taken to her moms “Motherland” of Sicily and admiring the master works of of this incredible artist.
This one of a kind Birdcage handbag in a Beautiful Vintage Italian Gold has a metal bow on top with a rope style chain handle. Embellished with porcelain Roses in a soft blush pink , sage leaves , and a sweet little repainted Vintage Fontinini Angel cheerfully perched on top wearing a FIORI metal crown. Removable pouch
Pouch color :
Versailles Blue Fabric: silk

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