Hydrangeas Bouquet of Blossoms

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One of my fondest memories as a Child was the abundant of Hydrangeas Bushe that Bloomed in our front yard , to this day one of my all time favorite flowers...


The Original


One of our all time favorite accessories and most uniquely worn in so many ways . A set of 4 Petite Velvet and Organza Hydrangeas with bendable stems that can be attached to hair braid, bun or up do. Or add to wardrobe ,shoe laces , button holes, Corsets lacing ,anything that the stem can be twist on to! 4 BEAUTIFUL colors available, Ombré Pink/Lavender  , Cream , and Black.

Originally featured in INSTYLE Magazine and INSTYLE BRIDES over 18 years ago , but it was time to bring these beauties back into our garden!


 FREE HYDRANGEAS mask with purchase while supplies last . 

ABOUT THE FLOWER:                                                                                           Pink hydrangeas symbolize true feelings, some say pink hydrangeas carry sincere emotions and the meaning of LOVE. Take a closer look at the individual blossoms and you’ll find they resemble a beating heart!

Japan - According to a Japanese legend, the emperor gave hydrangeas to the family of a girl he loved to show how much he cared for her.

Victorians - In Victorian era, hydrangeas represent boastfulness, bragging and vanity. Especially white hydrangeas.

United States - Hydrangeas are used for 4th wedding anniversaries to symbolize appreciation and heartfelt emotion.