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“If you don’t have great Cooking skills , at least you can look good trying “...

•GINA  Bib Apron •

 The Beautiful Gina Lollobrigida she embodied the prototype of Italian beauty and my Sicilian mothers Look alike ! Here she is wearing our“GINA Bib Apron”designed from a Vintage Italian cotton table cloth decorated with Italian Battenburg Lace, details on front and on pockets. 

FIORI finds a way to beautifully integrate luxury and style into normally mundane kitchen apparel. While aprons of the past are meant to act as guards against mishaps weather you are a good cook or not.
Each apron is a work of Art ,a piece of fashion that is meant to show off the female form weather you have culinary skills or not.

LOVE IS IN THE KITCHEN ,...An Apron is often an overlooked accessory in the kitchen, but here we took a vintage table cloth fabric and poetically created the perfect Apron to wear while whipping up your favor pasta or serving Espresso at noon... Looks adorable over a crips white summer dress too !

 100% Poplin Cotton fabric
Beautiful detail trim with side pocket . 
Ties at neck and waist 
 One size fits most