A Midsummer Night’s Dream Luxe Hosiery

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•A Midsummer Night’s Dream•
Luxe hosiery by FIORI


We invite you this Summer to wander into the forest of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, where lovers chase each other down mossy pathways and the Queen of Fairies casts her spells.
We were inspired to create unapologetically feminine fantasy fashion that is truly FIORI.

"Sometimes the most beautiful things grow in the darkest of places ,and when the first glimmer of moonlight appears is when they come into full bloom....-FIORI

All FIORI blossoms are beautiful,yet some kinds of flowers are even a lot more uncommon compared to most ,these midnight sweet Blossoms that come when the sun sets conserve their beauty for the moonlight...
Delicately picked from the Dark forest that exist in the FIORI world, a mysterious place, a new garden is created when the Rain stops and the first glimmer of moonlight appears but this profusion of buds that bloom for a limited time you can only delight in its charm in certain months between  Spring and Summer.

Sheer Black Italian Tulle Hosiery with a cluster of hand cut ,dyed and burned silk flowers in shades of purplish-blue,pink to purplish and lustrous dark green foliage delicately grown on the sides of our sheer Italian tulle black Hosiery .
Embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Our FIORI Luxe Hosiery design is a modern take on the vintage stocking from the 1930's. Each sock has a beautifully stitched back seam. All embellished with a Gold Fiori Flower charm on the back seam.
Hand crafted and blossomed in sunny California