Enchanted Garden Hanger Wild French Rose

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“When that special garment is worthy of being displayed on something truly enchanting”.... -FIORI

At Our FIORI Studio / Gardens we wanted to create something beautiful on which to hang your wedding gown, an Herloum piece or your favorite FIORI Corset. This one of a kind hanger is designed to showcase that special wardrobe piece that deserves something beautiful to be displayed on.

All hand crafted creeping vines molded into the shape of a delicately beautiful hanger with Forest moss and cascading varieties of flowers . This piece blossomed in our “Rose Garden.”With paper Wild Roses, rosebuds and petite spring blossoms in shades of soft pink, blush cream and off white .
Shown with our “Vita Bella” Bustier

 Note : Just like Flowers in our garden , no 2 are every exactly alike . 

More garden varieties to bloom soon!
Special custom orders available