The ENGLISH ROSE Corset/Stay

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  Undeniably feminine, irresistibly beautiful.


 Corset Stays 

There is no sweeter beauty, he believed, than an English Rose.”
Emma Richler

A pure delight of my life was strolling trough English Gardens on my trip to London years ago with my daughter , the Rose Gardens were truly breathtaking and it was then that I heard the term “As beautiful as a English Rose “ described of my daughter Chanel and her Beauty from a  charming Young English Gentleman! 

 Our stunning new English Rose floral linen has a gorgeous vintage feel in both design and colour. This beautiful design is a rework of an 1890's fabric that I found in an antique store and just fell madly in love with and we poetically crafted into a limited amount of Beautiful stays .

 Shown with Vintage Blush Dress  $200.00  Available in THE VAULT 

Only one of each size available.

 Size  XS , S & M 

 Cotton ties and straps 

 100% Organic cotton 

 Fully boned . Corseted front and back.