Enchanted Garden Hanger “Primrose”

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 Enchanted Garden Hanger “Primrose”

When that special garment is worthy of being displayed on something truly enchanting”.... -FIORI

At Our FIORI Studio / Gardens we wanted to create something beautiful on which to hang your wedding gown, an Herloum piece or your favorite FIORI Corset. This one of a kind hanger is designed to showcase that special wardrobe piece that deserves something beautiful to be displayed on.

All hand crafted creeping vines molded into the shape of a delicately beautiful hanger with Forest moss and cascading varieties of flowers . This piece blossomed in our “FIORI  Garden.” With paper fuchsia color Primroses, and petite spring blossoms in shades of pink and yellow and just like Flowers in our garden , no 2 are every exactly alike . 

CORSET : FIORI  “The Swing” Art and Fashion Collection 
More garden varieties to bloom soon!
Special custom orders available


THE FLOWER :                                                                                           Primrose flowers have got fairies as their caretakers, and it is a symbol of good luck, perfect health, fresh starts etc. The flower is deemed to be sacred to the goddess of love. These flowers are the symbol of clear spirituality filled paths ahead in your life. They also symbolize qualities like purity and honesty.