Enchanted Chateau Rose Garden Hanger

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  A Hanger inspired and named after a Beloved friend Kathryn I like to call her “La Contessa.” It’s where she escapes to get lost into Beauty in her Rose Garden at her “Enchanted Chateau” in France .

 Designed with Roses,Babies breath and Primrose in lovely shades of Pink, Blush and Cream with creeping vines, hanging moss and hidden amongst the Roses sits a shy little Cherub that is Guardian to her Divine Sanctuary, a gift to Kathryn from an Italian convent in Rome. 

About Kathryn’s Garden:

“I designed my gardens based on my heritage and love of Rome and my second love, France. I surrounded my home and gardens with elements of both.

 I utilized stone in the same style of stone I walked in French garden paths in Antibes, France, that were encircled with an abundance of lavender and roses. I have 100’s of roses, many are heirloom varieties from France.

Antique statuary, urns, and benches, both iron, stone and architectural elements were imported from France and Italy.
My copper entrance door has ancient hand hammered nails from Rome...

 Welcome to my Garden” ...


You can follow her on Instagram:  @theenchantedchateau