Bouquet of Blossoms Velvet Roses

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 The Original 

Inspired by the flowers in my Nonna Lucia’s Rose Garden, I would pick and wear in my hair when I was a little Girl ....One of our all time favorite accessories and most uniquely worn in so many ways . A set of 3 Velvet Roses, 1 bud and leaves with bendable stems that can be attached to hair braid, bun or up do. Or add to wardrobe ,shoe laces,button holes, Corsets lacing ,anything that the stem can be twist on to!
Available in 4 BEAUTIFUL colors : Lavender,Cream,Dusty,Blush

Model Michelle is wearing “Lavender” Bouquet of Blossoms in her braid.

Originally featured in INSYLE Magazine and INSTYLE BRIDES over 18 years ago,but it was time to bring these beauties back into our garden!

"I may not be rich, but flowers seeds don't cost much.
And when you plant them and see them bloom, I am as wealthy as a Queen."

- Nonna Lucia -Mistretta ,Sicily