Aphrodite’s Garden Couture Sun glasses

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 Limited Edition

Haute Couture Sun glasses  by FIORI

 Inspired by Aphrodite’s Garden Couture Corset , who is said to be the Greek Goddess of Love, beauty, sensuality and procreation..Her major symbols include myrtles,roses, doves, sparrows, and swans.Aphrodite was embodied in these moments of wonder, as in a Garden She was transient, ephemeral - a moment's delight.

 One of a kind FIORI Heart shaped soft pink Sun Glasses embellished with Lucite Roses in shades of Pink  and blush with baby doves nesting.

 Lens in soft rose tint .  
*UV 400 protection .

I relate personally to the dimension that is her realm in ways that further joy and beauty in our lives and in the world around us by creating a Garden of Roses ( FIORI) .The blossoming Roses, as some bloom fully and then die off then other rose buds appear.