L'AMOUR MENAÇANT Birdcage Handbag

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💕Menacing Love💕
The DIVINE Collection 2019

One of a kind accessory for the “Divine”

New FIORI Birdcage Handbag embellished with one of my favorite Fontinini vintage figurine, that I have repainted. A sweet Cherub in the likeness of the famous sculpture “L’amour Menaçant” by artist Étienne-Maurice Falconet in 1757. The statue was made for Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s art-loving mistress. The Cherub is wearing a handcrafted baroque style miniature FIORI Crown made of vintage ring hand painted porcelain Lily of the Valley flowers with Swarovski Crystal detailing.A removable hand dyed and curled ostrich feather tassel that can be attached also to a removable Italian silk pouch that can be worn separately.
Color : Versailles Blue.

*Étienne-Maurice Falconet, 1757

Already in the 18th century this famous sculpture was known by various nicknames, the best known of which was L’amour Menaçant, ‘Menacing Love’. The threat is most evident in the Cupid’s knowing gaze, while the gesture he makes invokes us to secrecy.

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Susan Lafica Fiori

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