Rosa Dolce Skirts

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Rosa Dolce Skirts


Oh the Sweetness of the Rose , it’s undeniably Feminine, irresistibly Beautiful, and incredibly Sweet …. -FIORI 

One of our one of our favorite Prints of the season is the ROSA DOLCE ! Such sweetness like the Rosebuds that bloom in my Sicilian Mom’s Rose garden every summer !  This adorable skirt comes in 2 styles, “Classic Knee Length Skirt”  and “Maxi Length Skirt” with a matching Belt that can be used as a scarf or hair bow . Our Rosa Dolce skirts were designed from remnant fabric from our Limited Edition of Sicily dress of the same name,this floral brushed cotton has a gorgeous vintage feel in both design and color and is incredibly soft to the touch.Elastic waist band.100% Organic cotton.These Beautiful Skirts come with a complimentary Pink Velvet Rosa Dolce Rosebud clip.

*Both Skirts Shown in size :S  

CLASSIC LENGTH :Waist 26-stretches to 42 ( elastic waistband )Length: 26 inches 

Waist: 26 -49 inches
Length: 36 1/2

*NOTE: Please give us your waist measurements upon ordering so we can design the skirt to fit you properly. All Skirts are custom made at no extra charge.

 *CLASSIC MEASUREMENTS: according to desired length and waist band 

 *MAXI MEASUREMENTS: according to desired length and waist band