Delphinium Shoe clips

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Delphinium Shoe clips


One of our newest favorite accessories and most uniquely worn in so many ways .A beautiful set of Hand crafted Velvet PRIMROSE blossoms add the perfect whimsical detail to any shoe, from boots to ,sandals,button holes, Corsets lacing .Can even be clipped to handbag or hair .
 High quality steal shoe clips

French country style vintage velvet flowers. So sweet an dainty with ombré Antique Pink and Brown  French Velvet ,chalk stamens and Sage Green leaves.

Color: Antique Pink 

 Flower Meaning – The Essentials  
Delphinium meanings include openness to new experiences and overall positivity. These beautiful blue flowers evoke feelings of joy, warmth and fun. Delphiniums are the perfect flower to gift someone who may be feeling down on life, and to encourage them to broaden their horizons in order to try out new experiences.