Aphrodites Garden Corset
Aphrodites Garden Corset
Aphrodites Garden Corset

Aphrodites Garden Corset

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 Haute Couture Corset by FIORI

 Inspired by Aphrodite, who is said to be the Greek Goddess of Love, beauty, sensuality and procreation..

Her major symbols include myrtles,roses, doves, sparrows, and swans.

  APHRODITES GARDEN FIORI corset Aphrodite was embodied in these moments of wonder, as in a Garden She was transient, ephemeral - a moment's delight.

I relate personally to the dimension that is her realm in ways that further joy and beauty in our lives and in the world around us by creating a Garden of Roses ( FIORI) .The blossoming Roses, as some bloom fully and then die off then other rose buds appear.

To receive these love gifts of life and beauty fully, it means learning how to let go of the things we love as they disappear. To be receptive to the beauty in other people and in the world around us, it means facing the losses we experience full on, and learning how to wait for another season of another blooming.   I wanted to create  a corset that represented the cycle of life in nature, into the soul's imaginal world, so that we each may find our own unique access to that garden.

Base of corset metal with growing twisting Rose vines Cotton Sculpted Roses and Rose buds in Blush and Pink . With 3  White Doves and  2 baby in a Nest that call her Garden their home .  
 This corset was featured at  The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball last year  in The Unicorn Garden At the Biltmore Hotel , L A,California. 

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