Fête Champêtre  petite birdcage handbag
Fête Champêtre  petite birdcage handbag
Fête Champêtre  petite birdcage handbag

Fête Champêtre petite birdcage handbag

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           Fête Champêtre petite birdcage handbag

One of a kind hand crafted petite Metal hand bag from the VERSAILLES Collection 2024

A charming antique Baroque style bird cage hand bag in a combination of matte and gloss black with metal Roses ,Rose vines and leaves surrounding the first dance of the evening.

Repainted miniature vintage FONTININI dancing couple perched amongst the blooming garden Roses with filigree detailing..
black rope chain handle.
Removable pouch-
FRENCH SILK VELVET  : Versailles Nior 🌸

 INSPIRATION ;A fête champêtre was a form of entertainment in the 18th century, taking the form of a garden party.This form of entertainment was particularly practised by the French court, where in the Gardens of Versailles and elsewhere areas of the park were landscaped with follies , pavilions and temples to accommodate such festivities.

The term is a French expression, very literally translating as "party in the fields", meaning a "pastoral festival" or "country feast" and in theory was a simple form of entertainment, perhaps little more than a picnic  or informal open air dancing. In practice, especially in the 18th century, the simplicity of the event was often contrived. A fête champêtre was often a very elegant form of entertainment involving on occasions whole orchestras hidden in trees, with guests sometimes in fancy dresses..

  Image :Nicolas Lancret 18th century courtiers in fancy dress, at a fête champêtre in a landscaped park, before 1727.

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