REVERIE Vintage underbust corset

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REVERIE Vintage underbust corset

“A continual state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream....... I call it a state of Pure Bliss.”
🌸Comes with Complementary Pink “Bouquet of Blossoms“

For my Love of ART and FASHION with the beauty of Masters Fine Art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes the first of a small collection .This unique FIORI Under bust corset “ REVERIE”is the first of a series our Summer 2021 “ART AND FASHION“ Corsets , Under Bust Corsets, Vintage Dresses, Jackest and Handbags. A very Limited Edition of vintage and reworked clothing will be made.

Each one of a kind Underbust corsets  are vintage piece that have been reworked with our FIORI art panels, hand detailed with a unique permanent colored pencil procedure truly make each piece a One of a Kind Wearable Work of ART....

🌸Also available in Sheer Candy pink tule with Hand crafted matching Floral petals cascading down side of underbust corset 

FIORI pays homage to Alois Hans Schram - “The Spring festival”

*Shown with Gown
Item Details
Beautiful Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock ball gown. Pink with white and gold horizontal stripes.*VINTAGE Available for purchase $200.00  

Also shown with our Vintage Sicilian Summer Rose Garden  Palazzo Pants coming soon !

FIORI pays homage to Alois Hans Schram - “The Spring festival”              (20 August 1864, – 8 April 1919, Vienna) was an Austrian portrait, history and decorative painter. Much of his work is in the Art Nouveau style, although many later works may be classified as Neo-Baroque .