PRIMROSE Shoe clips

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PRIMROSE Shoe clips


One of our newest favorite accessories and most uniquely worn in so many ways .A beautiful set of Hand crafted Velvet PRIMROSE blossoms add the perfect whimsical detail to any shoe, from boots to ,sandals,button holes, Corsets lacing .Can even be clipped to handbag or hair .
 High quality steal shoe clips

French country style vintage velvet flowers. So sweet an dainty with ombré French Velvet Pink/Cream or Cream/Blush shades,chalk stamens and Sage Green leaves.

Available in 2  Ombré shades : Pink/Cream  or Cream/Blush  

 Primrose Flower Meaning – The Essentials 

The primrose is one of the first flowers to bloom in spring, lending it meaning as a symbol of youth and renewal. To the Victorians, a gift of a primrose signified young love. In the language of flowers, a gift of a primrose says “I can’t live without you.” The flowers figure in Norse mythology as a symbol of Freya, the goddess of love.