FIORI Cala Lily Headband

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Our Limited edition DIVINE Collection and inspired by our Cala Lily Luxe hosiery exclusively designed for Mosh and her favorite Flower. 

Hand crafted white Silk Lillies cascade across a beautiful black Italian Velvet padded head band . Each flower is embellished with champagne colored swarovski crystals stamen, sage leaves and intertwined  stems and neatly tied in a black french bow.

Meaning of the Calla LillyWith its ivory white petals and lush green leaves, this elegant bloomIt’s no surprise that the name calla lily comes from a Greek word for beauty. There’s more to their significance, though, than just a stunning appearance.The exquisite calla lily is an appropriate flower for any occasion that involves major transitions, rebirths and new beginnings.Magnificent and overwhelming beauty in the Classic sense.

•MODEL /MUSE: @chanelbohn
•INSPIRATION: MOSH @officiallymosh
•COUTURE: FIORI @fioricouture