FIORI Ballet Pointe Shoes

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FIORI Couture pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations.
If an item has sold, you're welcome to contact me to discuss options.

Our one of a kind FIORI Ballerina Dream Pointe Shoes embellished with soft Pink and Blush Wild Roses,Swarovski Crystals droplets of Heart shape and Butterflies in a beautiful Pink shade and hand dyed Ostrich plumes , to help you Fly Darling…..

Size: 6 XXX M 

*Please see image 

Color: Light pink

Brand: Grishko 2007 The "Dream Pointe 2007"

Custom  Available : send us your shoes and we will embellish with your choice of Flower, Color Plume and Crystal. Please let us know is they are for wear or just decor . Unfortunately  we do not sell custom shoes as for all brands run different .

Brand Grishko 2007 The "Dream Pointe 2007" is one of Nikolay's most innovative designs. Based off top-selling designs, the Dream Pointe 2007 features a beautiful satin upper, longer flexible supportive wings, a wider fore sole for ideal balance and noise reduction, a pre-arched shank, soft platform padding, and a special soft insert for silence during movement. The high-tech cast-in insole and platform are made of non-toxic lightweight material that are adjustable to any foot arch and muscle strength