Lovely Kitty Wonder, a Hello Kitty Fashion Installation curated by Stephiee Nguyen of JapanLA Clothing

 Enter the bold and whimsical word of Hello Kitty! Celebrating her versatility and everlasting cuteness, designers from around the world explore the many facets of Hello Kitty, a true fashion chameleon. From loud and bold colors that burst to life, to soft romance couture, to structured steel corsets – these designs all pay homage to a cultural icon whose versatility has made her a fashion inspiration. Lovely Kitty Wonder reminds us that Hello Kitty is more than a friend, she’s an exploration and celebration of the many sides of life and self.


Lovely Kitty Wonder Fashion Installation


Susan Lafica of Italy has always been a “flower child,” and it was no surprise that La Fiori means flower. For her Hello Kitty-inspired fashion, she mixed hard and soft, steel cage-like structures with flowing transparent fabrics, complete with intricate Hello Kitty accessories for details. Stunning!

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 Susan Lafica -Hello Kitty Wonder