A Midsummer Dream

A Midsummer Dream

Mythos-Inspired Photo Shoot

Persephone is the Greek Goddess of Spring, Queen of the Underworld, and the origin of the seasons. Here entrapment by Hades brings about Winter, while her release fills the world with Spring. In this mythos-inspired photo shoot, Silverfyre Studios portrays Persephone gathering Spring and returning to Winter as she places summer songbirds back into their gilded cage.

Photography: @silverfyrestudio.photo
Muse/Model: @halcybella
Cosplay Corset: FIORI Couture
Accessories: @silverfyrestudio

Professional Cosplay Fashion

Known as a professional Cosplay photographer, SilverFyre devotes great attention to detail in their character portrayal. The lovely Bella LeBaron (@halcybella) is adorned with the FIORI Couture "Midsummer's Night Dream" Corset. The iconic corset balances fantasy with fashion, creating the perfect costume for professional cosplay. The bird-cage corset is embellished with handcrafted silk flowers in purple shades ranging from amethyst to lavender sweeping from the corset on branches of moss. Perfectly placed accents of vintage rhinestone jewelry add ethereal sparkle to the feminine form of the metal cosplay corset.

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    Persephone cosplay in the FIORI Couture fashion metal corset
  • Birdcage corset for professional cosplay fashion
    Birdcage corset for professional cosplay fashion
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  • Fairy Cosplayer in a metal corset opening a birdcage