The Vintage Birdcage Corset (The Original)

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“Give me a Bird in a Birdcage, first I will set free the Bird,then I will make you a Corset“.... 💕 ~FIORI


By FIORI  2013

•The ORIGINAL One of a kind corset,to date my favorite piece I have ever designed. Made of a vintage French birdcage from the late 1800's .  this one of a kind Rococo / Baroque style corset  is embellished with vintage Roses and brass filigree component detailing .With key and chain attached to Door . 

This  Couture piece has graced the covers of magazines and adorned numerous Queens .


•The making of a Birdcage Corset•

I have been designing Birdcage Corsets for over 8 years now, it has evolved into designing FIORI Birdcage Handbags. This corset is the first ever corset I have created from a French Birdcage given to me by my Mother  years ago.

 The possibility are endless when you use your imagination to create something  different , something beautiful ,works of wearable art out of mundane everyday objects.”




   “The Vintage  Birdcage Corset”  is  currently in the FIORI VAULT and not for sale.