“Millennial Marie Antoinette “ Brass tiara/clip/pin

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•Tiara• Pin •Clip

This one of a kind Baroque style tiara was designed from a vintage Italian Brass frame from Rome,Italy.
Embellished with flourishing Roses as if just picked from the Queens Royal Garden. Hand crafted Cotton Roses ,buds and 2 busy swirling bumble bees ...
Reminiscent of “Marie and the Rose”
painting by : Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun
Flower embellishment can be removed from brass tiara and be worn as a hair clip or pin.

Metal Bird Cage Pannier Corset by FIORI @fioricouture “Give me a Bird in a Birdcage, first I will set free the Bird,then I will make a Corset“.... 💕 ~FIORI
The FIORI Birdcage Corset.

A compilation of 2 large and 2 small bird cages,metal chain,trim and brass bows and vintage brass frame and cotton wild roses.
The image of “ Marie and the Rose” is from a brochure I have saved from my travels 7 years ago to The Petit Trianon at Versailles .
From France emerged a Queen that has been celebrated into the millennial age and Versailles was the ultimate “Gilded Cage” and that is the reason I use Bird cages to design my FIORI Birdcage Corsets. Marie Antoinette was the Beautiful bird and that was her existence. She was a girl burdened with luxurious but incredibly limited options. She bedecked herself in the symbols of her own entrapment—was reviled and, eventually, killed for it. She lived a life with the aftermath of an amazing party, we know it was a riot.

She still represents ornately-adorned beauty and lavish, glittering excess.Marie Antoinette was the urtext of the millennial aesthetic, the “ Millennial Pink” of the Wild Rose and the clothing I chose to use as the accent color that represented her young life as sweet and innocent and the Royal Gold color of the corset represents her Gilded home where she lived life in apocalyptic decadence, an existence of self-conscious luxury is deft, and also rebellious.
She had a retribution for wastefulness and exploitation, This mixed message of wealth and justice, beauty and death rings true today, and so her popularity endures.
And so emerges from the ashes..... “