Marriage of Cupid and Psyche Tote

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“The Marriage Of Psyche And Cupid”  FIORI Tote Bag 

18th Century Mythological Painting By François Boucher

This Beautiful FIORI One Of A Kind Tote Bag makes the perfect fashion statement and this bag will let you go hands-free - with style!

With comfort and functionality as priorities, we all know how important a work-bag is to our daily routine. This bag, with its fresh, unique look, is your ideal bag for the task.Soft Chenille fabric, fully lined with matching strap. Vintage brass button detailing .This Beautiful One of a kind Deep Blue Chenille Oversized Bag has a luxurious feel .

Large inside pocket with Fully lined Satin interior. Front panel is also a large pocket . The Lovers  image on the print of  the back are actually a oversized pocket.
Solid  deep  French Blue color Chenille on back of bag.

•Bag measurements: Botton 18 inches wide 14 inches wide opening.
13 1/2 inches deep. With 45 inch  ajustalong comfortable Strap .

 About the ART and ARTIST: 
François Boucher 1703 1770  
Location: Louvre Museum Paris France

Once upon a time there was a king with three daughters. They were all beautiful, but by far the most beautiful was the youngest, Psyche. She was so beautiful that people began to neglect the worship of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus was very jealous, and asked her son Cupid (the boy with the arrows) to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster. When he saw how beautiful she was, Cupid dropped the arrow meant for her and pricked himself, and fell in love.