Madame de Pompadour Underbust Corset

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THE ART AND FASHION Collection “Madame de Pompadour“
Under bust corset •• QUEEN OF ARTS•• FIORI pays homage to Francois Boucher
A portrait bust of Madame de Pompadour in her boudoir.

Depiction of “Madame de Pompadour” ARTS

For my Love of ART and FASHION with the beauty of Rococo and Baroque style art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes the first of a small capsule collection of corsets and waist clinchers. Each piece is hand detailed with a unique permanent colored pencil procedure then embellished with swarovski crystals, and fine irredentist glitter to truly make each piece a one of a kind work of art. .
A FIORI rendition of “Madame de Pompadour“ Queen of ARTS ,graces the bodice of this unique piece.. Image printed on front panel is of 100% spun polyester poplin fabric and adds a stylish statement to this Beautiful corset . . . .

💛Dry cleaning Recommend

#FrancoisBoucher #ooak

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