Toile de Jouy et Marie Vintage Dress in white

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 A FRENCH COUNTRY DREAM DRESS,                                                                A TOUCH OF TOILE and MARIE ....


   Limited Edition Vintage Capsule Collection

 We found the Sister Dress to our original “Toile de Jouy et Marie Vintage Dress” but this one is white and also in pristine condition ! We added a FIORI touch with a “ MARIE AND THE ROSE oval pocket and made it extra Special.

For my Love of Vintage clothing and Art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes
the first of a small curated collection of pristine  vintage Dresses I have collected over the years from around the world .This Vintage piece a truly a unique and charming little Dress with a touch of FIORI ... an image of “ Marie and the Rose”  a oval shaped pocket Art panel graces the right side  that is hand detailed with fabric color pencils.A French Blue Ribbon tied around the waist to give the perfect silhouette. 

 Wear Art.
 Be art . 

 Item Details:
Vintage 1950’s Toile de Jouy floral print dress.Direct from France (Toile De Jouy) | Authentic French Designer.Printed on one side with village scenes from the 18th century in blue.Characteristic figural and floral motifs. Toile de Jouy (cloth from Jouy, named after the original place of manufacture Jouy-en-Josas, France)

Tailored bodice with short sleeves.
Gathered and fitted waist with full skirt. (Shown with Tule skirt under)      *Not included   
French Blue Ribbon Belt 
White and Blue floral cotton blend material.
Dress zips up the back

Size estimate: M
shoulders: 15"
bust: 37"
waist: 27"
hips: -
total length: 38"


 TOILE ORIGINS… Originating in Britain and France throughout the second half of the eighteenth century, the term “Toile De Jouy” typically refers to a type of off-white cotton or linen, printed in a single tone. Often depicting complex pastoral countryside scenes, this print was most commonly used in furnishing fabrics and wallpaper to decorate grand Rococo interiors.Featuring a long list of different elements including shepherds, shepherdesses, cupids, windmills, pleasure gardens and ruins of country houses to name a few.

Toiles were originally produced in Ireland in the mid-18th Century and quickly became popular in Britain and France.The term "Toile de Jouy" originated in France in the late 18th century. In the French language , the phrase literally means "cloth from", Jouy-en-Josas a town in the south-west suburbs of Paris .

A bit of history  

The manufacture in Toile de Jouy was founded and directed by 1760 by Christophe-Philippe Oberkampf. It was the time of Louis the XVIth and Marie-Antoinette, and the of the Rococo style.