REVERIE organic cotton corset

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organic cotton underbust corset with removable clips 

The Art and Fashion collection 

This One of a Kind piece inspired from the study of THE PROGRESS OF LOVE : “Reverie” FIORI pays homage to Jean- Honoré Fragonard

  For my Love of ART and FASHION with the beauty, style and Art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes the first of a small collection of “FIORI ART AND FASHION Underbust and corsets”  A very Limited Edition of pieces will be made and some “One of a kind”.        This piece is hand detailed with a unique permanent colored pencil procedure to truly make each piece a One of a Kind Wearable Work of ART....

This Sweet Bespoke Underbust is one of our most comfortable pieces with lightweight bone, no Under wire and very minimum amount of corset lacing in the back so it’s very easy to to put on and take off  but still truly a delightful statement piece! this underbust corset is ideal for wearing over Dress, a White crisp button down shirt or T-shirt. With a dramatic hourglass shape and FIORI  Art panel on front. 

 Details : corset handcrafted from organic vintage oatmeal cotton fabric  Matching Blush ribbon lacing .   With 2 English Rosebud Removable clips 

 Size: Medium 

  * Showcased with our crown of the same name “ REVERIE”
One of a Kind Handcrafted Baroque Style Wreath Metal Crown made of a Vintage Brass  Leaf candle base from the 1920’s hand painted in iridescent Blush and Sage Green.