La Belle Dame sans Merci Tote

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•La Belle Dame sans Merci•

”For my Love of VINTAGE, ART and FASHION, comes a small collection of Spring / Summer Totes that are Tragically Romantic...
Wear Art . Be Art .”
Amore ,FIORI

This Lovely one of a kind Tote comes with a matching FIORI hair clip /pin that looks as if picked from the image.

The subject of this painting is taken from Keats’ poem of 1819, a rather morbid meditation in which the knight is left ‘so haggard and so woe-begone’ after his encounter with ‘la belle dame sans merci.’ However, the only allusion here to a sinister outcome is the blighted leaves brushing the knight’s arm. The predominant mood is one of enchantment, intensified by the idyllic setting of the English countryside: 'I met a lady in the meads, Full beautiful – a faery’s child, Her hair was long, her foot was light, And her eyes were wild… I set her on my pacing steed, And nothing else saw all day long; For side long would she bend, and sing A faery’s song.