Cefalù Tablecloth Skirt

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Cefalù Napkin Tablecloth Skirt 

 The SICILIAN SUMMER Collection 

My Sicilian Mother's trousseau was filled with the finest lace bed linens, tea towels, doilies, and table cloths collections over generations, and this is what inspired this unique and beautiful Collection ,each piece designed by FIORI and hand crafted by my Talented Momma .Each piece is one of a kind works of wearable ART with HISTORY ! The  Black and White image of my Nonna Lucia  at her sewing machine in Sicily along with my Nono Vito , Mom Maria to the far left also Uncle Aldo and Aunt Nelly .

  The fine workmanship in this piece is truly a work of wearable ART.  This Unique exquisite Italian hand-made table cloth with matching napkins is from  an antique boutique in a quaint Beach town of Cefalù ,we had to create a beautiful set with it.

Theses BEAUTIFUL full Skirt designed from this needlepoint table cloth was decorated with the same pattern in the center, around the edges and at points along the sides. The Skirt is slit in the front to show a little of the leg.With elastic waistband for comfortable wear . 

We used 2 napkins to design a Sweet little halter top and the table cloth was  large enough we crafted into a 1 pair of Palazzo Pants too! The table cloth and napkins were over 60 years old.

 SKIRT SIZE :  Small / Medium 

 Measurements: Skirt Length 28 inches. Waist :24 - 28 inches .Elastic Waistband.

 Fabric : 100% Italian cotton 

 Shown with our Wild Velvet Rose Hanger