Lady Daphne tote

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 Inspired by our latest obsession, “BRIGERTON”,the romance the costumes the set... our inspiration for this bag. “The Lady Daphne Tote” is designed to pay homage to Fabulous life of  Dapine Bridgerton and her Royal existence, it is all about embracing femininity through florals,bows, ruffles, frills, and all things fabulous.And this is our Twist on Regency Style...

A removable Vintage Austria brooch with a micro mini needle point bouquet of flowers in antique Gold frame adorns this one of a kind piece  .Details on this tote Elegantly enhance the look of the tapestry with our Elizabeth Decorative Tassel. The  matching twisted rope cord makes holding this lightweight  tote a breeze.And the “ Bridgerton Bee” fluttering around the side of the bag...

Bag description: Tote fabric in a beautiful Creamy Blush Champagne coloring French tapestry 100% French Organic Silk Linen fabric.  Rich Gold tie back cording with matching large tasseled on each end embellished with filigree cone detailing .Dimensions: Length 13 inches .  
Width: 14 inches 
Cord Straps: 23 inches long    
Fully lined matching Blush Cotton /Silk

💛Dry cleaning Recommend