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 LUCIA Crown 

"I may not be rich, but flowers seeds don't cost much.
And when you plant them and see them bloom, I am as wealthy as a Queen."
- Grandmother Lucia

In honor of the Matriarch of the Familia,named after my Nona "LUCIA" Di Bernardo Amato from Mistretta,Sicily.

 Designed from remnant pieces of our “SANTA LUCIA” FIORI couture metal corset of  Vintage 1920's Metal Rose sconces from Italy.

 This is an image of my Grandmother At the sewing machine that started it all in Mistretta , Sicily.

 ♥️  “ LA FAMILIA “From left to right : My Uncle Aldo , my Mom Maria, Nonna “Lucia” , Aunt Sebastiana and Nonna Vito.