Gathering of the Hummingbirds Crown

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“I saw you there so unaware
Those hummingbirds all in your hair”...
-Red Hot Chili Peppers

I find inspiration from all different things in life, movies, books, songs, and sometimes just a feeling from a verse in a song that touches my heart in a way that I have to create something beautiful to describe that feeling.This Verse from “Wet Sand”by one of my favorite Bands, Red Hot Chili Peppers.I had the pleasure to know and see play often when I was a Teen and they were just a local garage band here in Southern California.

I had this vision of a Girl that that has fallen so deeply in Love that suddenly the Sun shined brighter ,the Flowers smelled sweeter ,and the Hummingbirds could resist her presence.

Every every year I have an abundance of Sweet little Hummingbirds building nest in my Trees in Spring and Sumer time. It is truly my delight to have my little guests return to their favorite Flowers in my garden and to this Beautiful creature I pay homage ....

One of a kind Brass Hummingbird Crown by FIORI

7 fluttering Hummingbirds swirling around with Brass Rose and bloom upon a wispy brass thorn crown.

💕Love inspiration: Chanel & Hunter @chanelbohn @hunter.shepard