La Sposa di Sicilia Mistretta Bustier

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La Sposa di Misrretta Bustier
A Bespoke Blush colored Bustier inspired by my Moms Couture Wedding Dress. With a sweet heart neckline and overlay of handcrafted Italian Cotton lace ,a soft French cream tule at waistline sash can be tied in to a large bow in front or back .The front has 2 Petite cream bows with blush and soft pink Rosette appliqués

Size 32 B

My mom Maria began sewing at the age of 3 taught by my Nonna “Lucia” in Sicily . At a young age of 19 she had already mastered her craft in school and became her teachers apprentice. In the 1950’s Brides were encouraged to dress like the Hollywood stars in the most expensive gown they could afford. But my mom growing up in a time in Sicily when that wasn’t possible so when it came time for her to marry my Dad “Victor” she decided to design and make her own dress and gloves. She created a Beautiful dress made of Blush Duchesse satin , with ivory tulle ( that was all the rage in America ) Italian Hand crafted ivory lace over lay and Tea length like “Audrey Hepburns.” The sweetheart neckline, small waist, and full skirt was the classic wedding gown silhouette for most of the 1950s. Lace was used heavily in ’50s wedding attire, from the gown to veils to gloves.

My mom “Maria” a Master Seamstress continues to work with me and is Senior Tailor Director for FIORI. She does all the patterns, sewing and alterations for our brand .I’m honored to have my mom with such talent be part of this incredible journey creating beautiful pieces for FIORI couture collection @fioricouture