Killer Queen Bustier

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Bustier By FIORI

From our Versailles collection comes this Iconic Bustier we just took out of our FIORI Archives,as seen in the Fashion editorial
(The Rise and Fall of Marie Antoinette) for COCO Magazine.

This one of a kind piece was designed to pay homage to The Queen with a bit of a modern twist exclusively for one of the final looks of her Royalty represented in her most Decadent moments .
The Bustier represents the 2 sizes of this Queen. It is constructed of fabric on the right side representing the establishment of the Queen in her present time and what was yet to come with her Beloved France. With the iconic symbols of the Eiffel Tower that she would never live to see ,Royal Crown and Regal Symbols and markings .
On the left side White burlap fabrics that represented her days spent at “Hameau de la Reine” where her attire was quite reserved to ‘play peasant with her ladies’- or so the story goes. Black cotton tie back .4 Black cotton buttons ,representing the 4 children she gave birth to.

Size : 36 D

Fabric. 100 French Cotton and cotton burlap @fioricouture