CUPID’S TARGET underbust corset

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FIORI Couture pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations.
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This One of a Kind piece designed for the Divine . 

For my Love of ART and FASHION with the beauty, style and Art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes the first of a small collection of “FIORI ART AND FASHION Underbust and corsets”  A very Limited Edition of pieces will be made and some “One of a kind”.        This piece is hand detailed with a unique permanent colored pencil procedure then embellished with either swarovski crystals, pearls and fine irredentist glitter to truly make each piece a One of a Kind Wearable Work of ART....

Our Bespoke Underbust corset handcrafted from nude silk dupion and sheer nude corsetry net, this underbust corset is ideal for wearing over Dress, a White crisp button down shirt or T-shirt. With a dramatic hourglass shape and FIORI  Art panel on front is a unique one of a kind wearable work of art.

François Boucher (29 September 1703 – 30 May 1770) was a French painter, a proponent of Rococo taste, known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings on classical themes, decorative allegories representing the arts or pastoral occupations, intended as a sort of two-dimensional furniture. He also painted several portraits of his illustrious patroness, Madame de Pompadour.


Cupid's Target, from 'Les Amours des Dieux' Art panel graces the front of this beautiful piece. 

This corset is cut to give a 4-5" waist reduction.

Made of thin forming mesh fabric - special material for corsets.

There are spiral and metal bones to achieve maximum tightening.

Perfectly maintains the form.

It tightens the waist for 10-12 cm and forms gainly silhouette without any discomfort. It also helps to maintain a royal posture.

 Size small: