ALLEGORY OF AUTUMN underbust corset

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Underbust Corset 


For my Love of VINTAGE,ART and FASHION FIORI pays homage to François Boucher.One of our season favorites is our Romantic Little Underbust Corset, the perfect Statement piece for Fall 2021.This one of a kind piece will give you that perfect hour glass silhouette, wear over a little black dress,T-shirt or button down shirt. 

Size:  Extra Small check our size chart for perfect fit.

 About the Artist :By the 1750s, Boucher was associated with a number of signature motifs, perhaps none more so than allegorical putti suspended midair. When given attributes alluding to a season, element, or one of the arts, they provided flexible decorative programs. Frequently Boucher himself participated only minimally in the production of these decorative canvases, allowing his workshop to execute the painting on his behalf. Nonetheless, as here, he sometimes signed such works. Unusual shapes known as chantourné, or cutout, formats allowed these paintings to function apiece with the Rococo carving of the surrounding panels.

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