Lily of the Valley Mask

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FIORI Couture pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations.
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 Lily of the Valley Mask 

Limited Edition FIORI Garden Collection 


     Fun,Flirty and Chic the Our  label's signature “FIORI“ ( meaning FLOWER In Italian ) motif we transformed a simple 100 % cotton linen masks from functional to fashionable.Each Mask is hand embroidered on French linen fabric crafted by our team of talented Artisans.Like the beautiful flowers that bloom in our FIORI Garden pick your favorite fresh flowers while they last..     


A Beautiful color of “Morning Sky Blue” our light weight triple lined mask is made of front 100% soft French Linen. Inner and outer back fabric 100 % organic spun cotton. 
Comfortable soft elastic ear hoops.
French Ribbon Lily of the Valley grace the right side of the mask . Each Lily of the Valley mask has a Silver filigree Butterfly charm  floating around the flowers symbolizing “NEW BIRTH.”


Their presence symbolized “Return to Happiness”.

Legend has it that Lily of the valley sprang from Eve's tears when she was exiled from the Garden of Eden.

Its scientific name majalis or maialis, means "of or belonging to May," so if you were born in that month, Lily of the valley is your birth flower.

Lily of the Valley is mentioned 15 times in the Bible, that the fragrance is said to draw nightingale birds out to seek their mates, and that they were first formed from Eve’s tears. Or, you can just tell them that it was the designer Christian Dior’s favorite flower. Enjoy them on their own simple, sweet, and fragrant merits – they’re a classic.

Favored by Royalty.  


Our one of a kind objects of Desire are a bit more delicate than “Basic Masks” and require a bit more TLC.
Please wash with a phosphate-free detergent** in cool or warm water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Wash separately or with like colors for best results.But for a longer life we recommend Hand wash and flat dry.


  *Please note**All orders containing face masks are FINAL SALE. No exchanges, refunds or adjustments will be made following purchase.**

these masks are not medically certified and are not a suitable replacement for any medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. We recommend that you wear a medical grade mask underneath. The mask does not provide any guaranteed protection against COVID-19 and is not intended to replace other safety measures and guidelines as advised by The World Health Organization.