Cupid’s Target of Love Sunglasses

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Cupid’s Target of Love Sunglasses

FIORI sunglasses


Inspired by my time spent in Paris at the Louvre and seeing these incredible works of art by Artist one of my favorites   Francios Boucher....For my Love of ART and FASHION with the beauty of Rococo and Baroque style art works with the themes of love, classical myths, youth, and playfulness comes the first of a small capsule collection of Sunglasses . Each piece is hand  crafted detailed with a unique art of working in miniature components , and fine craftsmanship paying attention to detail  to truly make each piece a One of a Kind Wearable work of ART.


 These Beautiful Heart shape Sunglasses in a baroque theme reminiscent of “Cupid’s Target of Love”  has  a Cupid floating above each lens surrounded by miniature garland of Brass flowers and leaves in a patina bronze color .


    * No 2 are ever exactly alike