La Bohème Metal Crown

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La Bohème Metal Crown

One of a Kind Handcrafted Baroque Style Metal Crown made of a Vintage Brass  Leaf candle base from the 1920’s. This Beauty is embellished with vintage patina Brass Roses and regal Italian Filigree guardian Angel in Vintage Gold.Chain with clasp closure and bow and rosebud charm .The 4 Brass Roses represents the North,South ,East and West Regions to the World paying homage to all the Artist that have ever graced our lives with their talent and made this Earth a more beautiful place to Live . 

 La Bohème were much like starving artists and thinkers, leading free, unconventional lives, often wandering from place to place. They were profiled in French author Henri Murger’s 1851 novel, Scènes de la Vie de Bohème (Scenes of the Bohemian Life), which became the basis for Italian composer Giacomo Puccini’s 1896 opera, La Bohème.

 One size fits all .Chain with clasp closure.