Cherry Blossom FIORI Mask

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When you just can’t wear a Basic Mask.


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”


For my Love of the Cherry Blossom Season that Blooms around the world...This beautiful FIORI Couture Mask is light weight and Stylish with Pink Cherry Blossoms that cascade from top of right ear and down the neck.Like Cherry Blossoms that Bloom , pick yours quickly they won’t last long.

PURPLE And RED cherry Blossoms  coming soon! 

 Stay Healthy and Happy- 🌸 FIORI 

 MASK DESCRIPTION:Cherry  Blossom Embroidered Appliqués on Black stretch  Lycra Mask.

*4 1/2 inches in length from top of nose to bottom of neck. 12 inches from ear to ear .

*Appliqués cotton,polyester fabric 

*Mask Base Fabric : Stretch Lightweight Lycra                                              

*New Mask design with double layer of antibacterial fabric component that requires no need for filter!                                    

*2 Ear adjustment sizes for proper fit .                                                            

 *One size fits all .

We recommend HAND WASHING for these Unique Couture masks. 

FIORI Art Masks require a bit more TLC  because of the front panel printed image  . Please wash with a phosphate-free detergent** in cool or warm water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Wash separately or with like colors for best results.

As these fabrics are surface printed with water-based inks, there is a chance of some fading (especially on darker colors.) Front loading washers are the worst offenders due to increased tumbling action during cleaning. Fading can be minimized through the use of cool water and lay flat to air dry .

We know ironing is a pain, Iron ONLY our 100% cotton panel / Appliqués fabrics using standard settings for cotton with a fabric cloth covering  mask . Always iron with the printed side down for best results.

Please note these masks are not medically certified and are not a suitable replacement for any medical grade Personal Protective Equipment. We recommend that you wear a medical grade mask underneath. The mask does not provide any guaranteed protection against COVID-19 and is not intended to replace other safety measures and guidelines as advised by The World Health Organization.